Only 1 or 2 product ideas out of 100 ever make it big.  As a result, the challenge is to quickly and cost-effectively separate the wheat from the chaff. Using a proprietary nine-phase business incubation process, Emergent provides services to do this - and to fill in the gaps of your development process.

The interests of Emergent's core client base lie in the Health & Wellness sector. We work with major multi-national companies in the food and beverage sector, but also with nut, fruit and coffee cooperatives in Africa and Asia.  Some are contract manufacturers. Others are distributors.

Many of Emergent's projects are proprietary and fully funded by the client. In other instances, we take an investment stake in the project. In every instance, you will have access to an international group of technical and managerial experts focused on the health and wellness sector, and able to efficiently and cost-effectively assist you in bringing your idea from concept to commercialization.


Emergent offers business incubation services in the following areas


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